Friday, August 5, 2011

Dear So and So....

Dear So and So... 

Dear blog,

wow, has it really almost been three months since the last "Dear So and So"???

ashamed, instant student


Dear Mom,

thanks for having me at your house for two weeks.
I really enjoyed spending time with you!

missing you already, your daughter  (I will call you tomorrow)

Dear best friend,

thanks for having me those four days.
I had an awesome time catching up on everything, playing with your adorable kids and hanging out with all these great people.

your best friend for over 20 years. (wow we are getting old)
Dear fall,

well hello, nice to see you! I did not expect you to be here that early though...

wait, where did summer go?
Dear boxes,

pack yourself, will ya?

exited to move but already tired of packing

Dear all,

I if you click the button on top, you will be directed to the page that normally hosts "Dear So and So".
It was not put up yet though.

instant student

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