Friday, August 26, 2011

Dear So and So....

Dear So and So...

Dear owner of my laundromat,

you raised the prices and claimed it was due to the fact that you had the same prices since 2006 and everything is getting more and more expensive.
Yeah right..The 20 new washers you put in this place do look nice though...

looking forward to the laundry room at my new place
Dear elderly lady at the laundromat,

I don't mind helping you operate the new machines, not at all.
But pleas do  not touch my face, knee and hand again, while thanking me over and over and giving me blessings.
It was just 30 seconds of my life, no big deal here.

sincerely, freaked out a little..
Dear pumpkin,

I love you! On my plate!

Dear cafeteria lady,

it's a really neat idea to put a little bell out front, so we can make ourselves heard when you are working in the back.
It is tempting though..

Dear Mom's at the bus stop.

you got two really cute kids there.
But you should work WITH each other, not against each other.
You should communicate about which snacks you offer at which time.
If I was offered chocolate and bread I would pick the chocolate, no-brainer...

former AuPair

P.S.Smoking while pregnant is a no go!

Dear weather,

get your act together!
Bright sunshine and thunderstorm within 2 hours is not acceptable

soaking student
Dear Starbucks,

why again is there no Pumpkin Spice Latte in Germany?

knowing the answer but not liking it...
Dear bed,

see you soon,

tired student
Dear readers ,

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instant student

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