Sunday, August 21, 2011

everything but the kitchen sink

There is so much stuff I could (and want to) blog about.
But each of these deserve an own post I think.
And I don't seem to get around to write these posts.
Between studying and preparing for the move I barely find time for anything else.
I can't remember having so much to to the last times I moved.
Wait, that's not true.
Let me put it this way: I can't remember being that busy the last times I moved my own household.
I do however remember packing up my room at my host families house.
My friend came over and helped me and because we were such great AuPairs, we took care of the playroom too.
Of course my move here  kind of renders my "to-do" list in the right side bar useless, because there is no need to reorganize my kitchen if I will have to box it up pretty soon anyways.
But speaking of the kitchen, the kitchen sink annoys the hell out of me.
Everything but the kitchen sink is planned and organized.
Here in Germany you normally don't leave your kitchen behind when you move.
However if you bought cabinets and appliances fitted right into this special kitchen you can make a deal with the person that rents the place after you and they give you some money and you leave the kitchen for them.

In my new place, there is such a kitchen. However it is broken, and therefore the previous tenant will just throw it out.
This leaves me with the task of getting a new kitchen.
Since the kitchen I have now just consists of a sink, a fridge and two stove tops (this all will stay here though, I rented it with this place) I ended up buying a microwave and a small oven myself.
So I already have those.
The previous tenant will sell me her fridge, so I have a fridge too.
In addition I will get a two  stove tops thing like this . So I just need a kitchen sink.
And this is the problem.
I was in the apartment once and measured it.
The connection for the water supply is in a niche.
I found a sink at IKEA which would have perfectly fit in there, to the centimeter.
I put it on my shopping list which I made there for all the stuff I need for the new place.
When I checked back a few days later, it was gone. The sink was not on the list anymore.
Because they don't carry it anymore.
I was SO disappointed.
I had it all figured out and was really excited about my new kitchen.
I checked online and put in all IKEA stores where somebody could have picked it up for me but nothing.
I even went and checked ebay but to no avail. The ones that are on there are already assembled and would have to be picked up.
Plus they were not close by or anything.

So I have to bite the bullet and pick another sink.
There are some nice ones out there, that's for sure but none that are as perfect as the one I picked in the first place.
Plus, they are all shorter so there will be a gap between the sink and the wall of the niche and I yet have to figure out, what to put in there.
I am still looking forward to my new place though, even with an imperfect kitchen. But everything is better than what I have now. :)
In one of my next posts I will write about the move, why I want to move and how I found this place.
But for now I wish everybody a great week.

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