Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ten on Tuesday


1. What is your favorite brand of shoes?
I used to wear Converse all the time.
Now I am trying to get away from that and I did not buy one single pair of Converse since I came back to Germany in 2008.
But the other shoes do not show a trend regarding brand and so I am saying: Converse! They still hold the majority in my closet.
I just took this pictures a few hours ago, when I was packing up my shoes, so I figured I have to share it here. As you can see there are Converse in all shapes and colors and various states of wear and tear.

2. How old were you when you learned to tie your shoes?
I think am pretty sure I was 4 years old.
3. How do you feel about freckles?
I never put that thought in them. I think they are cute but I don't wish I had any or something. :)
4. I can count to ten in ___ languages.
I used to be able to do so in 6 languages. Right now, without looking them up I can only do three (German, English, French) but I used to be able to count to 10 in Finnish, Norwegian and Spanish as well.
5. What is your favorite store-bought ice cream flavor?
Rocky Road (which is not available in Germany. :( )

6. Were you in ballet or gymnastics as a little girl?
7. Who is your favorite Sesame Street character?
8. What’s your bedtime?
It depends on what I am up to the next day.
Normally it is around midnight.
9. Do you have any jewelry that you wear every single day?
Unless you count my watch and glasses, no.
10. Who is the bug killer in your household?
I am. Since I live on my own, I have to take care of them. But I prefer to set them free instead of killing them. :)
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