Friday, September 23, 2011

Dear so and so...

Dear So and So...

Dear former landlady,

calling me and demanding(!) me to hand over the key because the place "is rented out again and there needs stuff to be done", even though I  paid for the place til next Friday was so bold, I didn't realize how bold it was until I got off the phone.

Dear former landlady,

today when you involuntarily admitted that the mold problem stems from wet walls and not from how often I let fresh air in, I felt satisfaction and anger at the same time.
And some sadness because you will most likely get away with that...

sick of this crap
Dear employee at the local department store,

the store is open til 8 pm.
When I get there at 7:50 pm, I would like to be treated as a valued customer.
You walking away every time I approach you to inquire where a certain item could be found is not suggesting that my business is appreciated.
Trust me, I'd take it elsewhere if there was another store of your kind in my town...Luckily your coworker was more keen to do her job.

dissatisfied customer
Dear new place,


still happy!

Dear readers,

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  1. The store lady prolly just wants to go home like every other person who works ^^

  2. Sure but if she's on the clock til 8 pm she should work til 8 pm. ^^
    She couldn't leave earlier anyways so what's the point in running from customers?

  3. You could be one of those customber that will keep her there till way after 8 PM :D