Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear so and so...

Dear So and So...

Dear Mom, dear brother and dear friend,

thank you all SO much for helping me with my move.
Thanks to the three of you everything went smooth and we were done in a reasonable time.

REALLY grateful!
Dear friend,

sorry for making you drive me all the way to my old place to get an empty box.

I felt really stupid...

Dear former neighbors,

it's been a week and guess what:
I am NOT missing you at all.

good riddance
Dear new neighbors,

so far y'all seem nice.

Dear laundromat,

see you never again!

living in a house with a washing machine now
Dear new place,

I LOVE you!
I love that there is no carpet in here, the walls are dry, I love the workspace in my kitchen, my very own bathroom ( no more shared toilets *yuck*) and I love the huuuuge balcony!

totally happy!
Dear exams,

can you be over yet?

not looking forward to three exams within the next two weeks
Dear grocery store right across the street at my old place,

you are the only thing I really miss.

having to walk further now...
Dear empty boxes,

can you move into the storage room by yourself please?
I don't feel like carrying you down one flight of stairs, across the courtyard, and down another flight of stairs..

already exhausted
Dear single lady

I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

instant student
Dear asthma,

now that I live in a better place with dry walls and without mold you can leave me alone, right?

done with you!
Dear readers,

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instant student

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  1. Congrats on your new place! Living with a washer and dryer? My dream! Ours are 4 flights down in the basement and we have to share with the other 6 apartments. Boo.

    Enjoy your new space! Photos?

  2. :) I'm sure we'll meet soon! And I'm so GLAD you love your new place SO MUCH!!!!!