Friday, September 30, 2011

Dear so and so...

Dear So and So...

Dear Single Lady ,

here is to you and your recently earned degree!
I am SO SO happy for you! (and proud of you)
I still remember the time when you graduated school and decided what to study and where to move and so on.
And I remember the day, when you moved to your university town and we met and watched a hockey game.
Good times! :)
It seems like it was yesterday and yet we both have come such a long way since then.
Congrats again!

instant student

Dear readers,

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  1. Yeah, I remember that too, I was scared shitless, and here I am, regretting nothing :o) Oh yeah, the ice-hockey game. "I'm standing in front of that huge red building, where are you?" ^^ Thanks for the shout-out. Soon it'll be you ^^

  2. I think I remember that day too. It was about 20 years ago ;-)