Saturday, October 15, 2011

unsolicited advice

I love the internet for all the great things you can find there, instructions for nearly anything. Especially for cooking related things I heavily rely on the internet. For example the other night:
I wanted to cook a broccoli. Don't judge me, one is never too old to learn.
In fact I cooked a broccoli before but it did not turn out the way I wanted, so I figured I would go online and learn how to do it right.
I could have called my Mom too, sure, but sometimes it's just easier to look it up online.
So I went and googled and found various pages with tips how to do it right.
I picked an easy one, after all I did not want some fancy shmancy  broccoli, just a plain one with some salt, just not too mushy.
One person wrote something which was pretty reasonable.
The comments were not that reasonable though.
It went from how he did it the wrong way, ten minutes would be way too long, blabla to how it would be better anyway to eat it raw.
I understand it's the internet and everybody is entitled to his or her opinion but if somebody posts how to cook a broccoli and one finds this by googling chances are pretty high that he does not want to eat it raw.
But the same thing happened to me in real life as well.
I was chatting with some friends.
It was summer and pretty warm and I told them how I bought a honeydew melon and cut it up and put it in the fridge and how I enjoyed it as a really refreshing snack.
One friend chimed in and told me how dumb I was to use a honeydew melon and that water melon is THE thing, how perfectly refreshing it is in the summer and blabla.
I guess if I wanted to eat watermelon I had gotten some, don't you think?

Have you gotten some unsolicited advice recently?

The instructions of the first person were just fine by the way, I did it his way and my broccoli turned out great.
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Dear so and so...

Dear So and So...

Dear fellow student in my project group,

seriously?  Googling whatever I say just to realize that I indeed know what I am talking about?
The fact that you are the only one with a Y-chromosome in our group does not mean that you are superior to the rest of us.
May I remind you, that my program required certain grades to get in while the only requirement for your program was to have permission to study at a university?

sincerely, blonde but not dumb!


Dear project,

after the first meeting I thought this could be fun.
It is still nice but not going the way I would like it to go.
At least I get blog fodder there.

hoping it all works out in the end
Dear Body Shop,

thank you for giving me "Spiced Pumpkin" shower gel.
Can't wait til tomorrow morning.

missing the shower gels from the US

Dear public transportation,
really, no train home before 9:30 am on Sunday morning?
This is just not right...

might have to stay home Saturday night...
Dear readers,

for more "Dear so and so" click the button above.

instant student

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. How do you take your coffee?
With milk. Grande.
2. Do you prefer soft or crispy chocolate chip cookies?
The soft one please. :)
3. Do you wear a belt everyday?
In jeans yes.
4. What is your favorite color combination?
I don't know. Orange is neat and greenish. But not for clothes.
5. Do you like sour candy?
Yes, I do. I think I prefer that over sweet candy.

6. How often do you do laundry?
Once a week.
7. Did you ever wear braces?
Nope. I wish I had gotten some when I was younger and it was free.
8. Are you good at Roman Numerals?
I can decipher them.
9. What is your favorite form of social media?
Facebook and blogs of course. I have a twitter account but I don't tweet much, I am more of a subscriber.
10. How do you feel about chin dimples?

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