Monday, November 14, 2011

pudding fail

One is never to old to learn something new.
This weekend I learned how important it is to always double check but yet trust your gut feeling sometimes.
I learned that the hard way.
I have to begin with the fact I am allergic to artificial sweeteners (aspartame for example). They work like a laxative for me. Normal sugar is OK but the artificial stuff not!
So I always read labels before I try something new.
Recently I discovered some kind of pudding.
I came across it at the store and recalled some friend singing the highest praises about it.
So I read the label, found no artificial sweeteners in it, bought it, took it home, tried it and was head over heels right away.
So so delicious.
Since I am always interested in saving money, I decided after buying the single cups several times that since I keep eating that stuff I could as well buy a bigger container, which is cheaper that buying the same amount of pudding as single servings.
When I put some of the pudding from the container in a bowl on Saturday, I discovered by accident that the pudding has artificial sweeteners in it.
How could I be eating that stuff and not feeling anything unusual?
I made the decision to eat some of the stuff and see what happens. Maybe I was unknowingly cured from my sensitivity towards artificial sweeteners?
I was not a 100% sure about that but I really wanted to eat some of the stuff, so I ate it.
Lesson learned, the hard way.
I learned that I should have listened to my gut that told me to stay on my route of steering clear of all artificial sweeteners.
And I learned that I am not cured.
Luckily my gut got the better of me and I just had some spoonful or this could have ended really nasty.
Today I feel much better already.
But this left me totally confused.
Why on earth was I able to eat that stuff without problems before?
Is this all just in my head?
So today after school  I went to the store to check the single serving cups.

Judge for yourself.

All three tubs say "Duo Vla pleasure"
The one in the middle says "Light pleasure" with the added stamp "Just 0,9% fat".
I assumed that the "light" stemmed from the fact that it is low fat.
I never had problems with low fat products so I did not think about it at all.
"Light" because of the less fat. Totally makes sense .
There are other products with less fat and I still can have them.
Milk for example. Or some cheeses.
But I guess from now on I have to double check.
The "just 0,9% fat" sign fooled me.
This will not happen again.
And my appetite may never again overrule my instinct.

Lesson learned!

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  1. I am confused. So, the big one that made you sick was the light version? And the little one was not? Why didn't u buy the full fat then?

  2. The light one (the one in the middle) made me sick.
    And I bought it because I wanted to save money. There is a difference in the price.

    I did not buy the huge one on Friday because I thought that would be just TO much.
    I did buy it today though.

  3. Yeah, but it was all low fat, or wasn'T it?

  4. That one was low fat, yes.

    But that's not why I bought it. I just assumed that was the reason why it was called "light"

  5. Maybe it was a self-fulfilling prophecy? You expected it to make you sick, so it did.