Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had a great time with your loved ones!
I sure did and really enjoyed myself over these past days.
I went home on Sunday and basically kept eating since I got here.
I also spent nice hours with my family.

A regular post might or might not follow soon. HoHoHo.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Do you like my blog design? 
Yeah, me too!
Since people already asked me where I got it and since she finally has a button to link her, here it is:

Amy over at "...and the adventure continues" did this design.
If you would like her to prettyfy your blog click that button.
And if you are happy with your blog as it is click the button anyway and check out her blog to read about her adventures, her travels and of course, her adorable kids!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

two weeks...

...of my internship are over already.
To sum it up: Awesome! I LOVE it! I love the work, the coworkers, the atmosphere...everything.
The only thing that really sucks is the commute, but I knew that before.
2 hours one way.So so annoying.
I leave the house shortly after 7 am and normally I am not back before 6 pm. Most of the times it is 7 pm before I get home.
The first week, I managed to squeeze in a workout in the evening every day.
I did BFBM.
The second week did not work so well.
On Monday after work I went to pick up a shelf which I found in a local flea market group on facebook.
I planned on walking both ways but it turned out that the shelf was really heavy ( heavier than I anticipated from looking at the picture) so the lady that sold the shelf to me made her husband drive me and the shelf home, which was really nice of her.
On Tuesday I just was really tired and did not feel like doing anything when I got home.
On Wednesday I started feeling sick and that's why I did not do any workout this week and most likely will not do anything til at least the middle of next week because I know that working out while being sick can have some nasty effects on your health.
Plus, I am coughing so hard, I am not sure, I could hear what Jillian is saying in her videos.
So far I did not gain too much weight back even though on Fridays we order food at work and last week someone had a birthday and there was cake involved.

At some point I will do a post about what I eat now and take to work for lunch.
I did some changes and found some great recipes online and I will share them soon. Promise!

I hope everybody has a great Sunday!

PS: I did not start training for the 10K in May yet, I still plan on doing it though.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

No More Trouble Zones, not for me...

"No More Trouble Zones" is yet another workout DVD from Jillian Michaels.
I read the reviews and the people had nothing but praise for it, so I decided to give it a try yesterday.
I loved the exercises aimed at the muscles.
I still can feel  my muscles today and that is a great feeling, which with the shred I did not have in a long time.
The core exercises were not so good.
Actually, I did not know that there were so many of them in it.
But when I got to the first ones, I knew, I was in trouble.
I have problems with my back, I can not lie flat on my back on a hard surface.
The mattress in my bed or the couch are ok, but my workout mat definitely is not.
My back is not ok, so I don't have to get that checked out, I know what is wrong.
I get dizzy and nauseous when I lie on my workout mat.
I know there are some exercises on the other DVDs where I have to lay on my back, but somehow I wing it there.
Some I can do, like situps and some I just substitute with situps.
That's why I still have no abs in sight btw.
But this strategy does not work with "No More Trouble Zones". I felt really miserable yesterday and so I decided, this workout is not for me.
I decided however, that I might do the circuits from NMTZ that I was able to do in addition to Banish Fat Boost Metabolism.
Because while I love BFBM, to be honest my muscles and I  need the work with weights. I really love that feeling in my muscles afterwards.
On another note, my Gym Boss might take a while longer to get here, because I still did not get the gift card I wanted to use for it. Bummer.
But I spontaneously ordered one of these watches from ebay, which count the calories I burn while exercising.
I am a little tired of guessing how much I burnt. I want the accurate numbers.
Especially with mixing um two different workouts. This makes guesstimating kind of impossible in my eyes.


twitter problem

I am having trouble with my twitter.
From one day to the next my tweets are not shown here on the blog anymore.
I have no clue what is wrong.
I tried adding a new widget, checked my settings etc.
At first I thought it would be a problem with my computer, but I can see the tweets on other blogs.
So, I have two questions for y'all:
1) Can you see my tweets on here? (there in the right sidebar)
2) Does anybody know, how to fix it?
Pretty please.. :)


Friday, October 12, 2012

taking it up another notch

As those of you that read my blog for a while already know, I am very fond of Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred.
It is no exaggeration to say I LOVE the shred.
I got the dvd back in 2009, when I was really unhappy with my body.
I came back from America in 2008 and with that my activity went from 100 to zero.
In the States I spent my days chasing toddlers, doing sword fights and climbing play structures with the smallest and I was in a pretty ok shape.
I was told several times that people were wondering how I could put away a Starbucks a day (some days even two) and still look like I did.
Well, back in Germany, there was no Starbucks, but also no exercising.
I mostly sat around at my Mom's house or I attended stupid classes which were supposed to help me find a job and sat around there.
I did the occasional walk with the dog but this was nothing.
Fast forward to spring of 2009 and I was really out of shape.
One day, I stepped on the scale and realized that I  had ten kilos more than I had when I went to the States in 2006.
And at that point I KNEW that I had to change things.
I started with eating healthier but then decided, that I needed to workout too.
After doing some research online I decided to get the 30 day shred.
And I never regretted that.
Pretty fast I lost 5 kilos.
But then life got in the way.
I moved to another town, started studying etc..
I did a workout occasionally but only half hearted.
One year I got dumbbells for Christmas and after that I exercised more, because I wanted the money my Mom spent on them not being spent in vain but I did not exercise as much as I should.
At some point this past March (or was it April, I can't remember) somehow it bit me and since then I am exercising regularly again.
And it paid off.
A friend who did not see me since my birthday in February told me in July that I look great and that I must have lost at least 10 kilos.
Well I did not lose 10 kilos since she last saw me, but it was awesome to hear. :)
And several other people noticed that I got thinner too.
I love being fit and healthy (and I will pack the lost weight back on, if I stop exercising)  and so I keep on working out.
There are some areas which still could use improvement too.
I started out with 1,5 kilo dumbbells, then in May I got 3 kilo ones and just recently I got 5 kilo weights.
But that is it.
I will not go any higher.
But the heavier weights were necessary because I got stronger.
I do have to admit, that I get bored by the Shred.
Doing the same routine over and over again starts getting annoying.
Plus, I did not see any more improvement.I read somewhere that the body get's used to exercising and you have to keep increasing it in order too increasing the weight loss.
So today I tried something new. Banish fat and boost metabolism. (BFBM from now on :) )
By Jillian Michaels of course.
And this certainly is another level compared to the Shred.
It takes longer ( 1 hour vs 30 minutes) and most of the movements are different.
I made it through it even thought I had to take some short breaks and at some point I even considered taking a pump from my asthma inhaler, but I did it.
And I will do it again tomorrow.
It is harder but the time flies by because the exercises are not the same old, same old like with the Shred.
I am planning on doing it several times a week and doing the shred the other days.
Maybe I could exclusively do the new routine but it as I said, it takes an hour.
Currently it is doable, because I have the time.
But I hope I still will find the time and energy to keep exercising once my internship starts.
When I did not know, if I would commute or rent a room near the company, I also tried to figure out what to do with my exercising.
I was not too happy about the idea of having to drag my weights to and fro every weekend and I did not know how the other people there would like me jumping around above theirs heads.
So I looked into alternatives.
And I found one in running.
I stumbled across the Couch to 5k quite a while ago and decided to look it up again.
I read through it and decided it would be doable.
I already had big plans about running during the week and doing the Shred on the weekends.
As I wrote before, it turned out that I will be able to commute to my internship and so finding an alternative to the Shred would not be necessary anymore.
But I kind of like the idea of me running.
The only problem is, that I don't have a timer and my phone is not smart enough for the app.
Cookie told me about the timer she uses.
I looked it up on Amazon and was sold!
I might post about it, once I get it.
But for now I am still waiting for a gift certificate which I should get soon and which I want to use for that.
And while I wait I will alternate the Shred and the BFBM.
As soon as the timer gets here, I will follow the couch to 5 k program and after that the 5 k to 10 k program.
(and doing the Shred or BFBM in between)
I think buying equipment hopefully will make sure that I will stick with it.
 And to make really sure, I stupidly committed  myself to a 10k run next spring.
There, I said it.
I will run a 10 k in May.
Seriously, what was I thinking??


Sunday, September 23, 2012

The big thing

As you might have noticed, I have some stuff going on here.
I finally found an internship for my bachelor thesis. *yay me*
As I mentioned a few posts ago. I had two interviews.
One did not go so well and I was not really surprised, when I was informed they have no use for me.
The other one was different.
I applied for a certain field, made that clear in my application and also in the interview in the part, where I had to introduce myself.
They listened to all of it and then said something to the effect of "Well that's really nice, but we don't have a topic in this field right now. However, we invited you anyway because we have this here..."
They introduced me to the topic, gave a a tour of the lab and showed me around.
We decided to stay in touch.
At home I thought about it for a while and read my material about the procedure used there (we did this in one lab session so I know a bit about it) .
Then I decided even though it was not what I was looking for when I applied there this topic was really interesting and the practical work we did in this area in the lab was really interesting, so I would love to make this the topic of my bachelor thesis.
So I emailed them to let them know that I would love to take this internship.
They decided they want me too and so we decided I would do my internship there.
There were some drawbacks which made me hesitate first but I decided to make it work because the topic sounds really good.
For example I could not start before November, but I decided that this is ok and I would use the time before to study for an exam I have to retake in January (in the midst of my internship).
Then, since the company is not right around the corner, I had to decide if I want to use the money I get there for a room near the company or for a car.
This really bugged me because I was so looking forward to finally have some money to spend on nice things.
I am doing ok and I am certainly not complaining, but sometimes it would be nice to just go and buy something or even put money into savings for a trip to the USA.
Well, the way it looked was that I would not be able to enjoy the money because I had to use it for room and board or a car.
Plus, I did not like the thought of staying in an inn or a rented room somewhere during the week and be in my nice apartment just on the weekends.
So I was really not that happy with that situation. Still I loved the topic and the company seems great and the people I spoke to so far seem really nice.
So I had mixed feelings toward my internship.
That was until I found out, that I do not have to be there every morning at 8 am sharp.
So I can stay at my place, use public transportation which I can ride for free with my student ID and save money or buy me something nice once in a while.
I do have a commute of almost 2 hours one way but I think that is doable. I can read a novel or some work related material while commuting.
I finished all the paperwork coming with this internship.
The only thing left to do is getting an exception for the school library, so I can keep the books I need for the internship longer than the normal rental period but I have that paper already here and will bring it to the library soon.
I am really looking forward to starting soon.
(And in case you are wondering about the topic: I could tell you but then I would have to kill you afterward. :)  Just kidding but I don't think I should discuss it here on the internet AND there is stuff I am not allowed to talk about)

Happy (rest) Sunday everyone!


Monday, September 17, 2012

All new and better!

As you can see, a lot has changed over here.
I got a new layout (once again).
But this time it is not a premade layout which I downloaded somewhere and then just installed.
No, this time I have a custom made layout, made especially for me, by the awesome Amy from
and the adventure continues...
It is perfect and I am head over heels with it!
Thank you so much for this amazing layout Amy!


Sunday, September 9, 2012

baked pumpkin and zucchini

I know, I know, it got quiet here again.
In my little snippets there to the left you can see that stuff is going on and I promise, I will tell you all about  that soon, when I got everything sorted out.
Don't worry, it is not bad, just difficult. ;)

In the meantime I figured I would share a recipe with you.
It's one of my favorite and one of the reasons I love fall so much.
I call it baked pumpkin and zucchini. :)
And that is pretty much what it is.
This is basically all you need:

One hokkaido pumpkin, two zucchinis and spring onions.
Not pictured here are the spices and the olive oil.
I made this once with only one zucchini and found that the ratio was off.
The reason why I love hokkaidos so much is that you can eat the skin too. While cooking the hard skin will become soft.
So you just have to cut it open, remove the seeds and then cut it up. :)
Cut the pumpkin and the zucchinis into bitesized pieces and cut as much of the green from the spring onions as you like.
Don't use the whole thing, that would be too much. I usually use like 5 cm.
Put all the vegetables in a freezer bag, add olive oil and spices as you like.
I don't have an exact amount here because I just use my gut feeling here.

Close the bag tightly and start to lightly squeeze it. Not to the extend that the veggies get squished but rather so that everything in the bag will be well mixed, like in the picture below:

When the veggies are sufficiently covered in oil and spices, pour it all in a baking pan.
I line mine with aluminum foil because that makes it easier to clean afterward. :)

The excess oil will remain in the freezer bag.
Now put it in the preheated oven. (225 C or 437 F ) for like 30 minutes.
When I make this dish, I normally make it with a premade fish fillet which requires baking at 225 C for 45 minutes so I start with the fish and after 15 minutes I put the baking pan in with it and when the fish is done the veggies are done too.
The fish and the veggies are enough for two dinners for me, so I guess this should feed 2 persons.

And I don't want to "sell" this as an additional recipe, so I just  tell you right here, that the combination of potatoes and bell peppers is delicious too! :)
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

You get what you pay for!

I am still in the process of applying for internships.
I had one interview so far out of approximately ten applications and was quite discouraged, after I came in close second in that interview and did not get the job.
A friend of mine looked over my application and pointed out that my picture does not look very friendly and urged me to get another one since the first impression is important and all.
The one I used til then cost 15 Euro and I myself did not like it that much when I left the store with it.
So I googled and found a photographer that actually got some good reviews.
He was a bit pricey though but I figured that he must know what he is doing or else he wouldn't get away with asking that kind of prices.
So I called and made an appointment. Yes, you had to make an appointment.
At the store where I was before, you could just walk in.
The next day I went there, got my picture taken and instantly liked it much better.
The whole picture taking experience was completely different from the first store.
The only downside came when it was time to pay.
Since he advertised some specials on his homepage which cost up to 400 Euro, I did not even wonder if I could pay with card, I just assumed that I could.
After all, the other store had a card reader too.
Well, turns out, I could not pay with card there.
So I had to walk to a nearby bank, of which I was no customer and had to withdraw money there for an additional fee since it was not my bank.
But this was the only downside to this experience.
And it's true, the new picture totally makes a better first impression.
I paid 30 Euros and it's worth every cent of it.
I sent out three applications this weekend and now I am invited for two interviews.
Not bad at all!
(I also did some modifications on the applications itself so this might be a factor as well, but to 90% I credit it to the new picture.)

(edit to add: I did not mean to bash the store I went to first, I saw some really nice pictures there, weddings and babies and stuff. They might just not be good for pictures to put on applications. I think I will have my passport pictures taken there though.)
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

That's it?

Given that I passed them all, today was my very last exam for this program.
Now all I have to do is find an internship, and afterwards write my Bachelor thesis and defend it.
Pretty easy,huh?
You have no idea how very proud I am of myself right now.
If you know me in real life, you know that I already was a student once and dropped out after 4 semesters.
So maybe you can imagine how happy I am that I am almost finished this time now.
On the other hand it feels weird, because for almost three years, I had a pretty scheduled life. Go to class, go to lab, take exams, repeat.
Now something new starts and I am excited and curious.
And a little sad, because life as I knew it is kind of over.
I really enjoyed studying, even though it was stressful from time to time.
And ways with dear (and less dear) friends will part.
Let's see with whom I still will be in touch next year this time.
For now I will working on getting an internship and relaxing a bit.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

a little résumé

In this post, I wrote about my goals for 2012.
Since a third of 2012 already has passed I figured it would not harm to have a look at my performance here.
shop smarterI certainly accomplished this.
I sucked it up and stopped going the the store which was most convenient, but also most expensive.
Now I go to a different store and I do some planning, so I just have to go to the store once a week and I buy stuff for seven dinners and just have to decide what to eat when.
And it is a cheaper store.
I have to keep an eye on it but I think in the long I certainly will save money with that.
eat better:
I think I got this one covered too. I still eat stuff from the box (here I could improve my habits) but I only eat til I feel full and when I am not hungry anymore I keep the rest for the next day.
And I significantly increased the amount of vegetables I eat.
I still eat candy but instead of eating several pieces of chocolate for example I let myself have one or two pieces and then eat an apple. Most of the times that is.
exercise more:
I totally do that. Three weeks ago I started again with Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred.
I got the DVD in 2009 and managed to get rid of 5 kg with exercising and better eating.
After that I did an exercise every now and then but often found excuses.
Three weeks ago it overcame me and I started working out again.
I developed a routine and in the morning I get up, brush my teeth and wash my face. Then I take some frozen berries out of the freezer so that they can defrost for breakfast.
Then I do my workout, after that I start the coffee maker, and when I get out of the shower the coffee is done and I have breakfast with coffee and plain all natural yoghurt with the frozen berries and no extra sugar.
I have been doing this for the past three weeks and I can already see and feel results.
Today I went and got myself new heavier dumbbells. I went from 1,5 kg (3,3 lb) to 3 kg (6,6 lb).
I can't wait to do the workout tomorrow morning.

So, overall I am pretty happy with what I achieved so far!

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Dear So and So...

Dear So and So...

Dear readers,

surprise, surprise, an update again.
I figured as I still have people checking out the blog, I can as well post something again.
After all, it's been 2 months.
I'll try to do better, promise.

instant student
Dear friends,

thank you all for making my birthday so special.
I had a great time!

the old one
Dear Mom,

it was so great to see you last weekend.
I had a great time with you!

your oldest kid
Dear Single Lady,

you go girl! I am very proud of you!

Dear visitor from Iceland,

how did you find this blog?

just curious
Dear self,

get your act together!  (ykwim)

Dear exam,

go away!

not looking forward to you
Dear readers,

for more "Dear so and so" click the button above.

instant student
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Dear So and So...

Dear So and So...

Dear 2012,

I hope you bring me better things than 2011.
Not that 2011 was all bad, but there is still room for improvement.

in eager anticipation
the Instant Student


Dear Mom,

as always there was way too little time and too many plans!
It was great to be home though and I really enjoyed our quality time!

♥ your daughter
Single Lady  and friends,

thank you for a nice and delicious lunch.
Made my day!

xoxo S. ;)

Dear classes,

I am not looking forward to you!

in need of another week of vacation
Dear readers,

normally I would mention, that you should click the button above in order to read more "Dear So and So" but the link thingy is not up yet.

instant student
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

resolutions for 2012

Wow,two posts in a row right after complaining that I have nothing to write about.
Kinda ironic, isn't is?
But this is an easy topic:
My resolutions for 2012.
Here they are:
- shop smarter (write lists, stick to the list, don't get sidetracked, go to cheaper stores, compare prices)
- eat better (eat less from the box, make more fresh food)
- workout more ( I NEED to get back on track. I have 1 kilo more than before the holidays which is not that bad, but it could be better. I lost some pounds back in 2009 when i regularly worked  and since then it's always +/-1 kilo but I want to get rid of some more for good)
- stop doing these to myself

As you might have realized, these all are things I want to change about me and my habits.
The stuff like reaching this and this in school and other stuff like that I left out because those are "just" things to achieve and not stuff that will improve myself.
It's all about myself here and breaking old habits.

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New year, new design...

First of all, Happy New Year everybody!

I hope you had delightful holidays with your loved ones and I wish you all the best for the upcoming year!
As you can see, this blog has a new design again, this time from the awesome Leelouu again.
Recently the majority of my posts seem to be "look at that cute new design I just installed" ones.
I apologize for that!
I am a bit on the edge with the blog.
On one hand I love blogging and getting feedback and interact with other bloggers.
On the other hand I often have NO idea what to write about.
My life is quite boring.
Eat, sleep, get up, school stuff, eat, sleep, repeat.
I am quite hesitant going into detail about what I did where with whom, because I want to protect my privacy.
Plus my family would be really not amused pissed if I blogged about them and they would ever find out.
And only a few chosen "real life" friends know this blog, so there is no point in blogging to stay in touch with people back home. (where is "home" anyways?)
I don't think I have a special talent like crafting I could blog about.
I am not getting married, which could provide quite some blog fodder, I am not pregnant either, heck I don't even have a pet.
Tough thing.
I have to do some serious thinking about this blog.
But I will sure let you know what I came up with.

I hope everybody has a great first week of the year!
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