Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New year, new design...

First of all, Happy New Year everybody!

I hope you had delightful holidays with your loved ones and I wish you all the best for the upcoming year!
As you can see, this blog has a new design again, this time from the awesome Leelouu again.
Recently the majority of my posts seem to be "look at that cute new design I just installed" ones.
I apologize for that!
I am a bit on the edge with the blog.
On one hand I love blogging and getting feedback and interact with other bloggers.
On the other hand I often have NO idea what to write about.
My life is quite boring.
Eat, sleep, get up, school stuff, eat, sleep, repeat.
I am quite hesitant going into detail about what I did where with whom, because I want to protect my privacy.
Plus my family would be really not amused pissed if I blogged about them and they would ever find out.
And only a few chosen "real life" friends know this blog, so there is no point in blogging to stay in touch with people back home. (where is "home" anyways?)
I don't think I have a special talent like crafting I could blog about.
I am not getting married, which could provide quite some blog fodder, I am not pregnant either, heck I don't even have a pet.
Tough thing.
I have to do some serious thinking about this blog.
But I will sure let you know what I came up with.

I hope everybody has a great first week of the year!
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