Wednesday, August 8, 2012

You get what you pay for!

I am still in the process of applying for internships.
I had one interview so far out of approximately ten applications and was quite discouraged, after I came in close second in that interview and did not get the job.
A friend of mine looked over my application and pointed out that my picture does not look very friendly and urged me to get another one since the first impression is important and all.
The one I used til then cost 15 Euro and I myself did not like it that much when I left the store with it.
So I googled and found a photographer that actually got some good reviews.
He was a bit pricey though but I figured that he must know what he is doing or else he wouldn't get away with asking that kind of prices.
So I called and made an appointment. Yes, you had to make an appointment.
At the store where I was before, you could just walk in.
The next day I went there, got my picture taken and instantly liked it much better.
The whole picture taking experience was completely different from the first store.
The only downside came when it was time to pay.
Since he advertised some specials on his homepage which cost up to 400 Euro, I did not even wonder if I could pay with card, I just assumed that I could.
After all, the other store had a card reader too.
Well, turns out, I could not pay with card there.
So I had to walk to a nearby bank, of which I was no customer and had to withdraw money there for an additional fee since it was not my bank.
But this was the only downside to this experience.
And it's true, the new picture totally makes a better first impression.
I paid 30 Euros and it's worth every cent of it.
I sent out three applications this weekend and now I am invited for two interviews.
Not bad at all!
(I also did some modifications on the applications itself so this might be a factor as well, but to 90% I credit it to the new picture.)

(edit to add: I did not mean to bash the store I went to first, I saw some really nice pictures there, weddings and babies and stuff. They might just not be good for pictures to put on applications. I think I will have my passport pictures taken there though.)
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