Sunday, September 23, 2012

The big thing

As you might have noticed, I have some stuff going on here.
I finally found an internship for my bachelor thesis. *yay me*
As I mentioned a few posts ago. I had two interviews.
One did not go so well and I was not really surprised, when I was informed they have no use for me.
The other one was different.
I applied for a certain field, made that clear in my application and also in the interview in the part, where I had to introduce myself.
They listened to all of it and then said something to the effect of "Well that's really nice, but we don't have a topic in this field right now. However, we invited you anyway because we have this here..."
They introduced me to the topic, gave a a tour of the lab and showed me around.
We decided to stay in touch.
At home I thought about it for a while and read my material about the procedure used there (we did this in one lab session so I know a bit about it) .
Then I decided even though it was not what I was looking for when I applied there this topic was really interesting and the practical work we did in this area in the lab was really interesting, so I would love to make this the topic of my bachelor thesis.
So I emailed them to let them know that I would love to take this internship.
They decided they want me too and so we decided I would do my internship there.
There were some drawbacks which made me hesitate first but I decided to make it work because the topic sounds really good.
For example I could not start before November, but I decided that this is ok and I would use the time before to study for an exam I have to retake in January (in the midst of my internship).
Then, since the company is not right around the corner, I had to decide if I want to use the money I get there for a room near the company or for a car.
This really bugged me because I was so looking forward to finally have some money to spend on nice things.
I am doing ok and I am certainly not complaining, but sometimes it would be nice to just go and buy something or even put money into savings for a trip to the USA.
Well, the way it looked was that I would not be able to enjoy the money because I had to use it for room and board or a car.
Plus, I did not like the thought of staying in an inn or a rented room somewhere during the week and be in my nice apartment just on the weekends.
So I was really not that happy with that situation. Still I loved the topic and the company seems great and the people I spoke to so far seem really nice.
So I had mixed feelings toward my internship.
That was until I found out, that I do not have to be there every morning at 8 am sharp.
So I can stay at my place, use public transportation which I can ride for free with my student ID and save money or buy me something nice once in a while.
I do have a commute of almost 2 hours one way but I think that is doable. I can read a novel or some work related material while commuting.
I finished all the paperwork coming with this internship.
The only thing left to do is getting an exception for the school library, so I can keep the books I need for the internship longer than the normal rental period but I have that paper already here and will bring it to the library soon.
I am really looking forward to starting soon.
(And in case you are wondering about the topic: I could tell you but then I would have to kill you afterward. :)  Just kidding but I don't think I should discuss it here on the internet AND there is stuff I am not allowed to talk about)

Happy (rest) Sunday everyone!


Monday, September 17, 2012

All new and better!

As you can see, a lot has changed over here.
I got a new layout (once again).
But this time it is not a premade layout which I downloaded somewhere and then just installed.
No, this time I have a custom made layout, made especially for me, by the awesome Amy from
and the adventure continues...
It is perfect and I am head over heels with it!
Thank you so much for this amazing layout Amy!


Sunday, September 9, 2012

baked pumpkin and zucchini

I know, I know, it got quiet here again.
In my little snippets there to the left you can see that stuff is going on and I promise, I will tell you all about  that soon, when I got everything sorted out.
Don't worry, it is not bad, just difficult. ;)

In the meantime I figured I would share a recipe with you.
It's one of my favorite and one of the reasons I love fall so much.
I call it baked pumpkin and zucchini. :)
And that is pretty much what it is.
This is basically all you need:

One hokkaido pumpkin, two zucchinis and spring onions.
Not pictured here are the spices and the olive oil.
I made this once with only one zucchini and found that the ratio was off.
The reason why I love hokkaidos so much is that you can eat the skin too. While cooking the hard skin will become soft.
So you just have to cut it open, remove the seeds and then cut it up. :)
Cut the pumpkin and the zucchinis into bitesized pieces and cut as much of the green from the spring onions as you like.
Don't use the whole thing, that would be too much. I usually use like 5 cm.
Put all the vegetables in a freezer bag, add olive oil and spices as you like.
I don't have an exact amount here because I just use my gut feeling here.

Close the bag tightly and start to lightly squeeze it. Not to the extend that the veggies get squished but rather so that everything in the bag will be well mixed, like in the picture below:

When the veggies are sufficiently covered in oil and spices, pour it all in a baking pan.
I line mine with aluminum foil because that makes it easier to clean afterward. :)

The excess oil will remain in the freezer bag.
Now put it in the preheated oven. (225 C or 437 F ) for like 30 minutes.
When I make this dish, I normally make it with a premade fish fillet which requires baking at 225 C for 45 minutes so I start with the fish and after 15 minutes I put the baking pan in with it and when the fish is done the veggies are done too.
The fish and the veggies are enough for two dinners for me, so I guess this should feed 2 persons.

And I don't want to "sell" this as an additional recipe, so I just  tell you right here, that the combination of potatoes and bell peppers is delicious too! :)
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