Friday, October 12, 2012

taking it up another notch

As those of you that read my blog for a while already know, I am very fond of Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred.
It is no exaggeration to say I LOVE the shred.
I got the dvd back in 2009, when I was really unhappy with my body.
I came back from America in 2008 and with that my activity went from 100 to zero.
In the States I spent my days chasing toddlers, doing sword fights and climbing play structures with the smallest and I was in a pretty ok shape.
I was told several times that people were wondering how I could put away a Starbucks a day (some days even two) and still look like I did.
Well, back in Germany, there was no Starbucks, but also no exercising.
I mostly sat around at my Mom's house or I attended stupid classes which were supposed to help me find a job and sat around there.
I did the occasional walk with the dog but this was nothing.
Fast forward to spring of 2009 and I was really out of shape.
One day, I stepped on the scale and realized that I  had ten kilos more than I had when I went to the States in 2006.
And at that point I KNEW that I had to change things.
I started with eating healthier but then decided, that I needed to workout too.
After doing some research online I decided to get the 30 day shred.
And I never regretted that.
Pretty fast I lost 5 kilos.
But then life got in the way.
I moved to another town, started studying etc..
I did a workout occasionally but only half hearted.
One year I got dumbbells for Christmas and after that I exercised more, because I wanted the money my Mom spent on them not being spent in vain but I did not exercise as much as I should.
At some point this past March (or was it April, I can't remember) somehow it bit me and since then I am exercising regularly again.
And it paid off.
A friend who did not see me since my birthday in February told me in July that I look great and that I must have lost at least 10 kilos.
Well I did not lose 10 kilos since she last saw me, but it was awesome to hear. :)
And several other people noticed that I got thinner too.
I love being fit and healthy (and I will pack the lost weight back on, if I stop exercising)  and so I keep on working out.
There are some areas which still could use improvement too.
I started out with 1,5 kilo dumbbells, then in May I got 3 kilo ones and just recently I got 5 kilo weights.
But that is it.
I will not go any higher.
But the heavier weights were necessary because I got stronger.
I do have to admit, that I get bored by the Shred.
Doing the same routine over and over again starts getting annoying.
Plus, I did not see any more improvement.I read somewhere that the body get's used to exercising and you have to keep increasing it in order too increasing the weight loss.
So today I tried something new. Banish fat and boost metabolism. (BFBM from now on :) )
By Jillian Michaels of course.
And this certainly is another level compared to the Shred.
It takes longer ( 1 hour vs 30 minutes) and most of the movements are different.
I made it through it even thought I had to take some short breaks and at some point I even considered taking a pump from my asthma inhaler, but I did it.
And I will do it again tomorrow.
It is harder but the time flies by because the exercises are not the same old, same old like with the Shred.
I am planning on doing it several times a week and doing the shred the other days.
Maybe I could exclusively do the new routine but it as I said, it takes an hour.
Currently it is doable, because I have the time.
But I hope I still will find the time and energy to keep exercising once my internship starts.
When I did not know, if I would commute or rent a room near the company, I also tried to figure out what to do with my exercising.
I was not too happy about the idea of having to drag my weights to and fro every weekend and I did not know how the other people there would like me jumping around above theirs heads.
So I looked into alternatives.
And I found one in running.
I stumbled across the Couch to 5k quite a while ago and decided to look it up again.
I read through it and decided it would be doable.
I already had big plans about running during the week and doing the Shred on the weekends.
As I wrote before, it turned out that I will be able to commute to my internship and so finding an alternative to the Shred would not be necessary anymore.
But I kind of like the idea of me running.
The only problem is, that I don't have a timer and my phone is not smart enough for the app.
Cookie told me about the timer she uses.
I looked it up on Amazon and was sold!
I might post about it, once I get it.
But for now I am still waiting for a gift certificate which I should get soon and which I want to use for that.
And while I wait I will alternate the Shred and the BFBM.
As soon as the timer gets here, I will follow the couch to 5 k program and after that the 5 k to 10 k program.
(and doing the Shred or BFBM in between)
I think buying equipment hopefully will make sure that I will stick with it.
 And to make really sure, I stupidly committed  myself to a 10k run next spring.
There, I said it.
I will run a 10 k in May.
Seriously, what was I thinking??



  1. Haven't been here in yonks. Really enjoyed this post.
    Btw when'd your blog have a makeover? Looks superb.
    Liska x

    1. Thank you!
      My blog had a make over in the beginning of September.
      I didn't do it myself though.
      I had it done by Amy from . :)

  2. Woah. A 10k? That is some goal! I have to admit, I still did not get around to doing - well, anything really apart from taking the commute that requires more walking but takes just as long. *sigh*

    1. I know,right! Insane!
      But I have a plan and I hope I will stick to it!
      And if I stick to it, I will run this 10k without problems. IF...

      That's why I love the shred so much!
      I can do it at home, whenever I have time and don't have to go the gym or something.
      Buy doing the commute that requires more walking is a beginning, thumbs up for that!