Sunday, November 18, 2012

Do you like my blog design? 
Yeah, me too!
Since people already asked me where I got it and since she finally has a button to link her, here it is:

Amy over at "...and the adventure continues" did this design.
If you would like her to prettyfy your blog click that button.
And if you are happy with your blog as it is click the button anyway and check out her blog to read about her adventures, her travels and of course, her adorable kids!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

two weeks...

...of my internship are over already.
To sum it up: Awesome! I LOVE it! I love the work, the coworkers, the atmosphere...everything.
The only thing that really sucks is the commute, but I knew that before.
2 hours one way.So so annoying.
I leave the house shortly after 7 am and normally I am not back before 6 pm. Most of the times it is 7 pm before I get home.
The first week, I managed to squeeze in a workout in the evening every day.
I did BFBM.
The second week did not work so well.
On Monday after work I went to pick up a shelf which I found in a local flea market group on facebook.
I planned on walking both ways but it turned out that the shelf was really heavy ( heavier than I anticipated from looking at the picture) so the lady that sold the shelf to me made her husband drive me and the shelf home, which was really nice of her.
On Tuesday I just was really tired and did not feel like doing anything when I got home.
On Wednesday I started feeling sick and that's why I did not do any workout this week and most likely will not do anything til at least the middle of next week because I know that working out while being sick can have some nasty effects on your health.
Plus, I am coughing so hard, I am not sure, I could hear what Jillian is saying in her videos.
So far I did not gain too much weight back even though on Fridays we order food at work and last week someone had a birthday and there was cake involved.

At some point I will do a post about what I eat now and take to work for lunch.
I did some changes and found some great recipes online and I will share them soon. Promise!

I hope everybody has a great Sunday!

PS: I did not start training for the 10K in May yet, I still plan on doing it though.