Saturday, January 5, 2013

Couch to 5k...the first steps

First of all: Happy New Year everybody!
I hope you all had an awesome evening!
I might post something about resolutions and sticking to them etc soon, but maybe not.
Today I want to tell you about my first experiences with the Couch to 5k program.
It basically is a program, which should lead you to the ability to run longer distances.In the beginning you walk and jog for short intervals each, and then slowly the intervals get longer and longer.
If you want to have a further look, click here .
In the end one is supposed to be able to run 5 kilometers (hence the 5K) or run for 30 minutes.
Both without interruption.
You can either track the time or the distance.
I track time, but I also keep an eye on the distances I run.
The program is scheduled for 9 weeks.
My plan is to give myself a 5 k for my birthday.
I just started running on New Years Day.
This has nothing to do with resolutions or something.
I got running shoes for Christmas and since I did not get to my Mom's house until the day before Christmas and since you are supposed to buy running shoes later in the day, we couldn't go and buy them before Christmas and so we had to wait til after Christmas.
Obviously she could not go and buy them without me. ;)
I also got a Gymboss for Christmas, which I wanted to have since Cookie suggested it to me.
And when we went to the store to get the shoes they had a deal for a running outfit for 40 Euros if you buy running shoes. Normally just the pants would have been more than 40 Euros.
And at the check out, the nice young man who helped us threw in a pair of running socks for free, so I am all decked out now. :)
Throwing in the socks was a smart move, I love them and will certainly buy some more.

As I said, on New Years Day, I set out for my first run.
I started with week one, day one from the program,
I had the sneaky suspicion that it might be a tad too easy since I am no couch potatoe,
And I was right. At first I had the Gymboss clipped to my pants and did not hear nor feel the signal. (I have it on beep and vibrate).
So I ran the time I was supposed to run and the time I was supposed to walk. Oops.
After that I clipped the gymboss to my sleeve and followed the intervals more or less.
I did run a bit more and walked a bit less than I was supposed to without any problems and decided to switch to week two.
So on Thursday I did week 2 day 1 and it went pretty well.
It rained and I had to run in the dark since I did it after work but that did not bother me much.
Today I did day two in daylight and was even faster. It was pretty cold and my eyes were watering but besides that everything went smooth.
And because I am crazy, I did a session of "Banish fat, boost metabolism" after that.
 I will be able to sleep very well tonight. :)
This might be to soon, but I have to say I love running already.
I know I am just in the beginning and so far it was pretty easy, but I am hooked.
After my first run I felt so happy, I was kind of high. And while I still love doing Jillian Michael's workouts,but running is way more entertaining.
There is so much more to see outside. And it is much easier to get yourself to do 30 minutes of running than 55 minutes of exercising after work. ;)
I hope I will still be that enthusiastic a few weeks from now.
After all, I want to be able to do 5 K for my birthday.
And there still is this 10K in May, which I WANT to attend.

Happy weekend everyone!


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  1. Ohh, exciting! Glad you like it so far. I enjoyed the C25K - for as long as I could do it. But my foot feels way better now, so I'm hoping I can join you soon :)