Sunday, April 7, 2013

And the 10K is off as well...

Yes, you read correctly.
I am no longer training for the 10 K. Actually I stopped running completely for now.
The reason is easy: I don't see any success. Up to week 6 of the c25k program, everything went smooth.
Then I got sick, so sick that I couldn't even go to work leave alone run.
That was in February.
And after that I did not get back on track.
I tried, don't get me wrong.
I really tried. But ever since I started again after being better I am stuck at the same level and can't see any success. I just was not able to get past week 6. So so so annoying. And so demotivating.
I though about quitting for a while and going for a run felt like a burden each time for quite a while now.
It was frustrating and I was not enjoying myself at all.
So today I decided to take a break from running for a while.
Even if I kept running, there is no way I could be able to run a 10K in May.
I will not stop exercising though.
I even ordered a new dvd which will hopefully arrive soon.This coming week, I will workout each day.
To prove to myself ,that I can still do it, it is just the running part that sucks currently. And I need to get in a  better shape for the wedding I am attending next Saturday.
On Thursday a friend asked me if I was going to another friends wedding and why I did not rsvp.
Turns out, my invitation got lost in the mail. The wedding is next Saturday.
Somehow I said I was going before I even said I was and then it was a sealed deal.
I am actually really looking forward to it, but I think that is because the stars for once aligned in my favor and I did not even have to buy a dress.
Last Friday we had a girl's night and somehow that topic came up and my friend offered me to have a look at her closet and we found the perfect dress in there.
Now all I have left to do is buying shoes but I already looked online and picked a pair I will look at tomorrow and if it does not hurt like hell or something I will take that pair.
This is a huuuuuuge relief because currently I do not have the time to go dress shopping (I don't have the money either btw) because I am working on my thesis and I feel like I can't be wasting time by not working on it.
Well, this is what is going on in my neck of the woods right now.
Have a great, productive week, everyone!



  1. Uhm yeah, I haven't been in the gym for anything in ages. Not getting anywhere with my C25K either. But never mind, one day it will work. Or not. There is no law that says you have to run to be fit.

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