Saturday, September 14, 2013

catching up

I know, it has been quite a while but somehow I didn't feel like blogging and I had some stuff going on.
I'll try to cover it all in this post.
I wanted to write about many things and they all deserve their own posts, but honestly, knowing me if I don't cover it now it might never get done.
So here is what happened from April til now in a nutshell:
The most important thing:
I got my degree! I am a B.Sc. now. The excitement already wore off, but I still get congratulations from time to time from people who hear about it just now.

I totally slacked at running and exercising and I can see it on the scale.
But as I wrote before, running was not fun anymore and I think I did one or two runs since my last post in which I said I will stop running for now.
I am still doing Jillian Michaels' dvds but not as extensive as I used to.
I have to get back into a schedule.
But at some point I hurt my hand somehow.
Nobody knows what it is, it even was x-rayed but it was not broken.
I got some painkilling ointment and it works but for a while I could not workout due to that.
And now and then the pain comes back.
I might have to get it checked out again.

I spent the summer applying to schools, then went home to stay with my Mom for a while to enjoy life.
And we did, beach, shopping and some restaurants included.

I got accepted into two schools and picked the school I will attend for my Master's solely based on financial reasons.
I was invited to take a test at a third school to see if I am suitable for their Master's program but this invitation came really late when I already decided to go to that other school.

My landlord already found a new tenant  for my current apartment which I will dearly miss because I just love this place!
I have now the dreaded task of finding a new place.
And apartment hunting there is a pain in the a...rm. There are so many people looking for places, and the prices are insane.
I took one trip there already and looked at 6 places. 2 I ruled out and the other 4 I did not get.
I'll go again next week and look at more places.
Keep your fingers crossed that I find something and can move in before school starts.

So this is what happened in a nutshell.
I hope I will get back to regular posting soon...