Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hey, it's me, again.

I am so sorry for neglecting the blog for such a long time.
I think this is the longest period of time I did not blog.
But life happened.
Nothing serious, nobody died or something.
It just got crazy.I had to move for my Masters program. The act of finding an apartment itself would provide enough fodder for it's own blog.
But, no time to write it.
Since I lived in the Rheinland (near Cologne and Bonn which I dearly miss) and got accepted at a university in Bavaria driving over to look at places was not that easy.
I went down there three times, the first time to enroll and look at places, the second time just to look at places and then one time to receive the keys.
I called about 50 places, out of that I got to see around 15 if I remember right and handed in applications for all but three.
Then, one day I went online at a bookstore, saw new listings, which were just put up and called the realtor.
We made an appointment for the same day, I looked at the place and liked it.
I told her I would like to rent it and how we would proceed now.
She said she liked me and would recommend me to the owner.
Two days later after signing the contract and paying the hefty realtor fee I went home.
A week after that I went back to get the keys and a week after that I moved in.
I really like my place even though it has it's downsides.
No balcony. And it's pretty far away from school (1 hour commute one way) and pretty expensive. But also pretty big.
I would have preferred something smaller and cheaper but I have to be glad I at least found something.
I will stay here during my Master program and am not looking for something smaller and cheaper.
I don't think I can handle another move anytime soon.
Plus, I had to go through a realtor to get this place and for what I had to pay her, I feel I should stay here for at least two years.
Now I live in the most southern province of Germany while my Mom lives in the most northern one. Not fun.
I had no internet in the beginning which was not that big of an issue since I still had my phone for checking emails and suff.
Way worse was that I had no fridge for 10 days. I apparently survived but it was really annoying.
School started pretty soon after my move and was crazy from the beginning.
I was accepted into the Master's program under the condition that I retake some classes from their Bachelor program.
Since I was told it would be normal to do the first semester of the Master and fulfill requirements at the same time, I ended up doing 48 credits this semester.
I do NOT recommend that at all.
I had to take an exam for 4 classes of the Bachelor program and when I passed them I can hand it in an  will be done with the requirements.
I am still waiting for the results.
Now I have time to relax a bit and more important to rework the classes of the Master program.
I did not have any time to even go over my notes again or read further into some things during the semester after doing the stuff that HAD to be done like lab reports and homework that had to be handed it.

So, that's where I am now.
If I passed the exam the next semester should be way nore enjoyable and I should find more time for blogging again! :)



  1. I can imagine that whirlwind of finding a place to live in Bavaria, just out of interest, as I'm living in Southern Bavaria, too, Augsburg, to be exact I was wondering if you were trying to find a place in Munich...

    1. No, not Munich. And not Augsburg either. :)
      The Southern part was referring to the whole of Germany, not just Bavaria. :)

  2. Sounds like you are on the up. Well done on finding somewhere to live but sorry about the commute. That's the way a lot of people live here in London. Great to see you back xxx