Sunday, March 23, 2014


 I told myself I would blog more often again, so here we go.
The past days I was very busy relaxing.
Somehow I could not get myself to do something for university because I am still waiting on the verdict about the exam. Before I know I passed that I just don't have the motivation to study.
I know I should use the time to catch up on things that did not get enough attention during the past semester but somehow I just can't. So annoying.
I did start to workout again.
I did "Banish Fat Boost Metabolism" twice last week and it really kicked my butt.
I did not exercise since last September and my body makes sure I won't forget that..
Since now I have people living underneath me, I feel kind of reluctant to exercise because I am afraid I bother/annoy/disturb them with jumping and stuff.
But I NEED to exercise, can't afford the gym and just running doesn't cut it.
So I decided to start with BFBM instead of the Shred since the Shred contains even more jumping.
I put sonething under my exercise mat and do the jumping on the mat and just hope for the best.
When they complain I have to figure out something else.
Maybe buy a rug and put it underneath everything else.
I also started to eat better/healthier again. I am looking into reipes and tried some already.
Maybe I will post about that one day but since these are all recipes I found on the internet there is not that much to tell about but posting the link.
Have to think about that.
For now I wish you all a good start into the new week!


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