Sunday, June 22, 2014

update or OMG 10000 visitors!

First of all, I passed the exam I was talking about in my last post and I passed it surprisingly well.
I did not expect that outcome, when I went home that day.
Second: The expectations of the second semester being more relaxed were plain stupid. :D
Yes, I do not have to attend that many classes anymore, but still somehow I have barely any time for myself.
So much to do, lab reports, homework to hand in, preparing for lab sessions etc.
I did not even get to start preparing for the exams yet. *sigh*
I am already looking forward to the day when I can join the workforce, do my ten hours at the lab/office and then can go home and don't have to think about work until the next morning. :)
Third: The World Cup!
Of course I have to make time for that! :D
I did not get to see our first game last monday because class was over only 30 minutes before it began and I have a one hour commute and I still had so much stuff to do that I couldn't really watch the second half either, but I watched last night. Soo exciting! I can't wait for the game against the US on Thursday.
It's kind of weird that England and Spain are already out, though. I was hoping we would play either of them in the final. :D

Well, this is just an assortment of random thoughts, but I figured with more than 10000 (WOW) visitors on here I should post something again, and I hope the next entry will be a bit longer.
Until then, have a great time y'all!



  1. Congratulations on passing! I don't even know who won the game... I only know they played against Ghana because a friend wanted to watch the game with some other. I refrained from saying "no way in hell" when she asked me if I wanted to come too. Barely :D

    1. Thank you! :)

      And I saw you switched blogs? Will follow that one, too! :)