Monday, March 30, 2015

more than halfway through

I'll save us all the "Oh my, it's been a while" and "I promise I'll do better" stuff because as we all should know by now, this probably most likely will not happen.
I was superbusy, as usual.
Since my last post I had three exams on which I did pretty well and one I flunked on purpose.
I felt crappy on that day, and like everything I memorized was gone.
I honestly tried, but in the end I did the math and figured that even if I pass, it would be a really bad mark.
I was pretty sure that I wouldn't pass but to make sure that the professor doesn't want to be nice and just let me through, I crossed out all my answers.
I rather have a "second try' on my grade list with a good mark than a "barely passed" on the first try.
And I know I can do so much better.
So I am not worried about the second try.
The three other exams were oral exams and I did surprisingly well given the fact that I used to hate oral exams.
But by now I am confident enough to know that it can be just like a more or less pleasant talk if you are well prepared.
And I was really well prepared for them.
I kind of lived at the library.
Had the same table each day and didn't go home before 9 pm. Many days I even was there til 10.
Now I have one oral exam left in the end of April and the written one I have to retake.
I don't have a date for that yet, though.
Besides these two exams I have to do a presentation and a paper. I plan to hand in the paper before I go home for Easter, then come back and study for the exam and after that do the presentation which is linked to my Master thesis with which I'll start after the exam in April. It's not the final presentation though. This will come in the end,after I handed in the thesis.
This will be my last semester.
It's kind of amazing that the end is in sight.
And scary at the same time because I am 90% sure that I will not go for a PhD. I am pretty old and need to start making money or I don't need to start at all.
That means that I have to find a job in my preferred area of Germany.
I want to go back North to be closer to family and friends and I already keep an eye at job listings.
It's a bit too early though, because they are looking for people either starting immediately or at some point in summer.
Well, this is just a little update.
I didn't do much besides studying as you can see.

Thank you for the comments on my last post. :)
As of now I think I'll stick to blogging.

Have a nice Monday everyone! (or week, or month, or spring...who knows whenever I feel like posting again)


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