Sunday, July 26, 2015

The waiting game

I hate waiting. And when people are not able to give me necessary information.
I still have to retake the exam I wrote about in the last post.
And nobody is able to tell me when the exam takes place. Normally there are certain weeks after the lectures of one semester end and before the lectueres of the new semester begin in which the exams take place.
And normally one is able to see the dates and rooms of the exams one signed up for in ones personal account at the schools online platform.
But I signed up for that exam on a list in the professor's office because this exam did not show up as available option in my online account which sometimes happens with elective courses.
But now I can't look up dates or times on the platform.
So I keep emailing the professor to ask about the date and he mails me back telling me that he doesn't know the date either.
Last week I sent a mail to the person that puts the plan together and sets the dates but he never bothered with an answer and apparently doesn't believe in answering the phone either.
And trust me, I tried.
So all I can do is wait now and send an email to the professor every now and then, asking if he knows something and hoping that I don't have annoyed the hell out of him by the time the exam finally takes place.

I am afraid of missing the exam though and that makes the wait so much harder.