Friday, May 27, 2016

Sunday, April 3, 2016

The last one.

As of Thursday, I am not a student anymore. On Thursday I handed in my master's thesis. I don't know when I will receive the mark for the thesis, though.
Since I am not a student anymore, I decided, that it's time to move on.
I decided on starting a new blog, because I would like to keep this one with this design as a sweet memory.
If anyone is still reading this, feel free to follow me over to Life after graduation.
The design might change again before I settle for one, but from now on I will post there. 


Sunday, February 14, 2016

The end is near!

Unlike most of the times, in my case this is a good thing.
I am almost done with my studies.
I passed all the exams, even the one I wrote about in my last post.
Of course I did not miss it, and I didn't fail it either.
I also already had the final presentation.
Of course I almost died while standing there and talking. I never liked presentations and will never do so.
But now it is over.
All that is left now is writing the thesis.
Yes, that order is a bit messed up but apparently that's how they do it here.
They wanted a presentation of the results during the ongoing semester. This did not affect the hand-in date though.
So as I said, all that is left is writing this thesis, which I actually should be doing right now instead of posting here. :)
I decided use LaTeX this time around instead of Word which I used for my Bachelor thesis. And I have to say, this is the part I like best about writing the thesis.
I always enjoyed coding and tinkering and trying things and seeing the layout change and finally look like I want it to look is so satisfying.
Also, LaTeX is more comfortable and runs way smoother than Word would.
In contrast to my Bachelor thesis which was in English, this time I write in German.
But strangely, this does not make things easier which is kind of stupid since German is my first language.
But somehow I will get through it.
I always made it through.

In case anyone is wondering, what I will do after handing in the thesis:
I wonder, too! So far I don't have a job lined up. All I know is that I will not go for a PhD at my current university and most likely not anywhere else.
The rest is undecided. I went for a couple of job interviews, which did not result in a job offer.
I am still sending out applications but it is kind of hard to find openings that don't require several years of work experience.
But I still have some time left until I leave university, so hopefully something will work out in the meantime.

Happy Sunday everyone!
And Happy Valentine's Day if you are celebrating that!